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What’s your taco dating style?

College Dating is full of games, but if there is one thing that is not a game it is the following saying:

“the fastest way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach.” And what better way to fill

your stomach and find love than with some tacos?

Tacos are not only delicious, but they can also reveal a lot about a person. Your favorite taco

can talk about where you’ve been, where you’re going, what your goals and aspirations are and

even what romantic category we fit into. Your favorite taco can even tell you if you’re just looking

for a one-night stand or are happy being a serial-monogamist.

It’s time to taco ‘bout what your favorite taco says about your dating style.


When you show up to the local favorite taco joint on a Tuesday, and the only thing you order is

the chips and margs, you must either be boring as hell or the star of a next MTV show.

Making it “official” is a bit too far outside of your comfort zone. While all of your friends

are raging on the cheap tacos, you’re quite content to hang at the bar alone and watch the

game maybe leaving with someone you met on Qualify who only goes for the T/ACO margs too. 


If you like a carnitas taco with extra salsa, you’re a little tamed and you are likely not the hit-it-

and-quit- it type, only to be tied down by that high school crush. You definitely want to live on the

wild side and your spontaneous nature leads you on adventures ranging from spur-of- the-

moment camping or hiking trips, to trying new and exciting things in the bedroom — but you

will always remember that one first love.


Pollo. Mango. Salsa. Tacos. Together? You betcha! Those who enjoy fruit-based salsas on their tacos

tend to be self-confident and passionate lovers. Mangosalsa lovers bring the heat in the

bedroom and are always in charge. It takes two to mango.


You’re such a flirt! You constantly take basic conversation, wrap it in a bit of titillation and melted

attraction — just has how the chicken mango caesar’s are self-confident and passionate lovers 

in order to communicate with others you gotta cheese. While some people may accuse you of

being a tease, you just like to have fun. While your flirtatious nature may seem a bit callous to

others, flirting is just how you relate to and communicate with others.


Those who groove on munching down some scrumptious veggie tacos also tend to like to

groove to the music of Phish or Nahko and they definitely practice free love. These health-

conscious, “woke” individuals feel as if they are free to love each other with no commitment

other than what they feel is right, man. These pin-wearing, acid-dropping individuals could not

care less for the establishment and commitment, yet they recently committed to draining their

bank account to attend every festival within a 500-mile radius this summer.


These people just don’t give a fakk. If your favorite taco is a quesadilla,  you might text your next lab 

partner, “wanna get weird?” after no more than a month into the semester even with multiple no 

responses. You’ve probably “liked” a 54-week- old Instagram post accidentally stalking her

on various social media accounts and sent a winky face emoji saying that it’s almost taco Tuesday 

sliding smoothly into the dms.

While this list is certainly not definitive and might over-generalize just a tad, you can learn quite

a damn lot about a person by the way they walk, by the way they talk and yes, even by their favorite

taco. It can reveal things about your personality and love life that even you may have not known. 

At Qualify, we accept everyone as they are. Whether you are a flirt, a free love hippie or the hit-

it-and- quit-it type, there’s someone out there for everyone and our app will help you qualify that

special someone. If you haven’t yet, download it today!