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Do You Qualify?

Are you tired of mindlessly swiping left and right through photos or taking never-ending questionnaires in hopes of finding your significant other?

Digital technology and smartphones have changed many aspects of modern society: how we do business, how we consume information and increasingly, how we find romance. In today’s rapidly digitizing world, the stigma that once existed around online dating has nearly vanished and online dating is growing in popularity.

In fact, according to research from Pew Research Center, not only are the attitudes of American adults toward online dating growing more positive, but increasingly, Americans of all ages are looking for love online by way of dating sites and mobile dating applications. Unfortunately, the numerous iterations of romance sites and mobile dating apps available have yet to create a viable solution for college students and millennials seeking serious relationships.

Enter Qualify, the mobile dating application designed to bring college students together through shared interests, allowing users to spark relationships that last longer than a swipe. Qualify has gamified mobile dating: the app allows users to create three qualifying questions that matches them with potential mates — if they answer correctly.

Qualify combines the compatibility aspects of dating sites like eHarmony and with the instant gratification of swiping left or right on Tinder with the entertaining aspect of trivia games to help college students find their perfect match. The app effectively filters people before allowing them to connect and introduces a sense of anonymity by blurring out profile pictures. This sense of anonymity requires users to make decisions based primarily on interest, not on appearance. As quiz answers are answered correctly, profile pictures becomes less blurry and if all of the questions are answered correctly, users are able to see the person’s image and message them.

Another unique aspect of the app is that Qualify is exclusively for college students. All users must use a university email address in order to download the app. This notion adds a sense of protection to the world of online dating as the platform is exclusively for college students seeking other college students. Further research from Pew Research Center found that the share of 18- to 24-year-olds who report having used online dating has nearly tripled in the last two years, highlighting the proliferation of millennials looking for love online. Is Qualify available at your school? If not, request it here.

Meet the Founders


Sean Chenoweth

Sean co-founded Qualify in 2015 while enrolled at the University of Colorado. His entrepreneurial spirit and leadership led Qualify into the University’s program for student-led startups, where they received the CU-New Venture Challenge Rising Star Award. From this success, Qualify was accepted into Catalyze CU, a startup accelerator for college students, and in the fall of 2016 his team won the Boulder Chamber of Commerce Esprit Challenge.


Christian Tucker

Christian developed his passion for coding at a young age, when he began programming and building computers the age of eight. He was approached to help develop Qualify in 2015 while he was teaching programming theory out of his home in Alvin, TX. Christian made the trip to Colorado to help start the app and was able to code Qualify himself. He is the CTO of Qualify and loves to use his skills as a full stack engineer and SEO specialist to develop for others.

Keenan Olsen

Keenan grew up just outside of Boulder and is currently a senior at the University of Colorado studying economics. In his time at the University, Keenan met his co-founder Sean as roommates. Both were members of the CU Gold leadership program in fall 2016 and also founded the Internet Marketing Club with Jack Elder in 2015. Keenan continues to help build the Qualify app and recruits new employees.

Jack Elder

Jack grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is currently a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. Jack is passionate about biology, the outdoors and can work magic with a camera (follow him at @thtgoodsht). He will graduate with a double major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology. Jack was childhood friends with Sean and he helps lead digital production and marketing for the team.

Click here to download Qualify.